Slender Multiplayer v1.4.2 Hotfix (Aug 13, 2021)

Slender Multiplayer v1.4.2 is out!

Some more minor changes


  • Added 8 more emote slots
  • Deleted, edited, and re-arranged some existing emotes
  • Fixed a bug where a player who has been Slenderman in the same lobby will see the red arrows pointing towards players who are charging their flashlight even when they are a survivor
  • Fixed a bug preventing a page to spawn on the bench near the top of the map
  • Decreased the time it takes for the next match to start up after the game ends

v1.4.2.1 is also released!

  • Forgot to add the code that supports the 8 new emotes :P should be working now
  • Added a tiny text on the bottom left of the main menu that shows the exact current version (different from the colored text that updates every major update)

As always, be sure to check out my Construct Discord Server, since I post about new games I'm making as well as sneak-peeks into what's coming for the next update. I'm always very open to suggestions and new ideas to put into the game, please let me know!
Discord Link

If you are having any issues with the game or want help with setting the game up feel free to join my discord and I'll respond and help you. I am always active on Discord so if you find any bugs be sure to let me know and I'll get right on it.

Thanks for playing!!
- Grassboii :D

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