Slender Multiplayer v1.4 (Aug 11, 2021)

Slender Multiplayer v1.4 is out!

The biggest update yet!!

Texture Changes:

  • Improved basically every texture in the game, starting off with:
    - animated the tiki-torches and fixed their particles
    - fixed the lighting on the title image
    - made the game mode icons in the lobby bigger
    - added shadows to world objects

    - added new tiles to vary up the landscape

    - added more textures to the road, and re-designed the road to make it smoother and more concise

    - redrew all the monuments, here is a before and after of the tanks:


    - redrew all the pages, here is a before and after:

    - changed the animation for the flashlight battery ticking down, it is now more precise

    - got rid of the placeholder white text boxes on the main menu
    - more buttons and custom text boxes for the main menu, along with animations for hovering

    - Slenderman's placeholder teleport progress bar was taken out and replaced with a custom one
    - added a white border around your player in the lobby so you know who you will be in-game

    - added fades and loading screens, so there is a much smoother transition between layouts
    - and finally, updated the changelog to match the changes added in this update

Phew, that was a lot of images...
Now time for the good stuff :D

New Additions:

  • Added dead bodies
    When a player dies, their body lays on the ground. If one of their teammates comes across their body, they will be able to drag it along with them until they find a spot to revive you. However, dragging a body severely slows down your movement, so make sure you know where you're going! There are many hidden spots around the map to revive dead players, and they are each a one-time use.

    Here's a slightly *ahem* blurry gif of a player walking up to a dead body:

    And here is Slenderman standing next to his first victim...

  • Revive mechanic:
    Dead players who get revived will start with 0% battery and will have to charge their flashlight *eventually* in order to stay alive.
    Here's another blurry-ish gif of a player being revived:

  • New Bathroom location!
    Finally got rid of that fake door on the side of the bathroom building and decided to make the interior.
    Here is what it looks like to step inside:

    Since it is a bathroom, you cannot look through the walls to see what's on the other side. That means you have to creep through the echoey bathroom checking each room until you find that page your looking for...
    Here is a gif of walking through the bathroom:

    The bathroom comes with all new footstep sounds and ambiance, as well as a whole new tileset to fit the experience. Slenderman also enters the room through the same door.
  • New game mode: Slenderman CPU

    The Slenderman CPU mode brings back the old single-player feelings, while also staying multiplayer. Bring your friends and try and defeat the CPU by collecting all 8 pages. You can now have a full 6 player lobby with all survivors or even just tag a friend along to keep you company. Beware though, the difficulty severely increases with the more survivors you bring along!
  • New game mode: Singleplayer

    Slenderman Single Player and Slenderman Multiplayer have come together and they are now all in one place!
    No longer do you have to sit alone waiting for someone to join your lobby or a friend to get on!
    This was mostly done because most of the efforts were put towards updating 'Slender Multiplayer' rather than on the singleplayer version, but now that they are together there is no avoiding the updates!
  • Options Menu:
    You can now change the volume (or mute it) and check the controls in the options menu. Simply press 'Tab' or 'Esc' to bring it up whenever.
    Here is what it looks like in the lobby:

    You have the option to disconnect from the lobby with the red button that says 'leave game'. If you are in a public match, you will have the option to go to the next lobby. You would do this if:
    - the host is AFK and not starting the game
    - you joined late and are spectating, and want to open a new lobby
    - you don't want to play with the settings they're using
    - you want to be the host of a new lobby where you make the rules :O
    - basically anything else etc...
  • Returning to the lobby after the game ends:
    No more refreshing the page after every match, I know it took a while but I figured out how to 100% safely reset the match without any bugginess afterward.
    Here is a gif of the timer counting down:

  • Added Public Queueing

    Hopefully, it doesn't bug out *fingers crossed* but I added public queueing which should make it easier to play with strangers instead of spamming random codes. This addition also ties into the next one, which is:
  • More lobby controls
    First off, I added the kick player option, in case someone has a bad name or is grieving the match, etc..
    Here is a gif of two people getting kicked from the lobby:

    Careful though, In public lobbies, you only have a certain amount of kicks per match until it kicks the host out.
    Secondly, I added some Emotes for players to use in the lobby.
    Simply press 1-4 to open the initial categories of emotes, then press 1-8 to select that specific emote.
    Here is a gif cycling through the 4 categories:
    (edit: also added emotes in-game only for survivors because why not)

    And here is an example of how emotes might be used in-game:

    This allows players to communicate even through language borders, and especially in public matches where there is no open chat and you're not in a call with the other people.
  • Joining and leaving mid-game
    Players who join and leave mid-game will no longer bug out the whole lobby, and it now notifies players when another survivor or Slenderman disconnects.
    Here is a gif of a player disappearing, and it counts as a Slenderman kill:

    Not only this but now with the public queue option, if you happen to join a match mid-game (which is very likely) you will now be able to sit back and spectate as if you died in the game. Once the game ends, everyone will be brought back to the lobby, and if there is space for you, you will turn into another player. I'm very glad that this got in the game as you can now join a friend's match and watch their perspectives instead of waiting until it's over. 
    The spectating got significantly better and smoother, and all sounds are perfectly synced with the other player, and it is almost as if you are playing as them. You can use the arrow keys to swap between who you are spectating.
    Here is a gif showing what it's like to join mid-game:

    As you can see, the pages get synced as well as the locations of all the players, and the different variables of the player (like static and animation). If you tried this in a previous version, it would look like you were in the lobby and would be waiting for literal eternity as nothing would ever happen ;(
  • Completely remade the multiplayer system
    Hopefully, all the nasty bugs and desyncs with the old multiplayer system have been ironed out, as practically all the multiplayer code has been remade. No more weird rubber-banding when running against solid objects, and no more animation/position desyncs. This new system is what allows the spectating, leaving, and joining mid-game, and many more new additions to work. It also allows for a much smoother multiplayer experience!

And finally, to top it all off...

Bug Fixes and Small Changes:

  • Fixed some major bugs dealing with players joining too quickly
  • Players who join mid-game are now handled properly
  • Randomized Slenderman's spawn location to spice it up
  • Survivors lose static faster as the game progresses
  • There is now an equal chance of pages spawning at each location, instead of always spawning at some places. ex. it used to always spawn a page on one of the 8 tanks, but there is a chance it won't sometimes
  • Slenderman slows down when a flashlight is on him
  • Slenderman doesn't instantly teleport away if a flashlight is quickly flashed by him, he now needs to be completely stopped in order to teleport away
  • Fixed a bug where the lighting would flicker for a moment when the game started

I'm sure I forgot to put something in here since this update has been in the works since Jan 23rd, 2021. This should be the majority of the new additions and I'm sure there are some bug fixes that I forgot but that's fine.

As always, be sure to check out my Construct Discord Server, since I post about new games I'm making as well as sneak-peeks into what's coming for the next update. I'm always very open to suggestions and new ideas to put into the game, please let me know!
Discord Link

If you are having any issues with the game or want help with setting the game up feel free to join my discord and I'll respond and help you. I am always active on Discord so if you find any bugs be sure to let me know and I'll get right on it.

Thank you so much for playing, and have fun!
- Grassboii

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