You and up to seven others enter the Slenderman forest.
As a survivor, you must collect all 8 pages to escape and free your curse.
As Slenderman, you must eliminate all survivors.
Play Singleplayer or Multiplayer with 8 player lobbies!
You have the option to play vs a CPU Slenderman or vs another player.

WASD - Move Around
Tab / Esc - Toggle the Options Menu
1-5 - Open emote list in the lobby
Left arrow & Right arrow - Switch between players to spectate (if dead or spectating)

Survivor Only ControlsSlenderman Only Controls
E - Interact with pages and bodiesE - Teleport to mouse location (can't be over a player)
E (hold) - Charge flashlightWalk over players to increase static on their screen
F - Toggle flashlight On / OffGet faster as more pages are collected
Shift (hold) - Sprint

Discord Username: grassboii
Visit my Construct Discord Server!
I post behind-the-scenes images from the games I'm making,
and you'll be able to see the process of my games being made!
See my progress on new games and give some feedback! 
Discord Link

Want to make your own games? Use my affiliate link and get a free trial of Construct 3!

If you are having any issues with the game or want help with setting the game up,
please just join my Discord and I'll respond and help you. Discord Link

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make more games too! me and my firends will help you out with new games

by da way do you mind to follow me and my friend deadguy880

he will start making games some day and i will help him so do u mind follow us pls?


gammode idea: tag. slender touches other person they become slender and slender becomes a survivor

(1 edit)

can you remove the ability to pick slender in public matches

im addicted to this i cant stop

yeah but how many easter eggs have you found and completed though? :>


i can revive people and know the entire forest map

by the way can you tell me as soon as possible when it comes out pls?

lol, I have a discord server where I make posts on the update that is coming out. It still has quite a long way to go especially with some real life road blocks that are slowing me down. There is a link somewhere on this page that will take you to the discord server!

so sorry to hear that but good luck with the new update me and my friends are going to like it i know it!

grias amego im not good at spelling in spanish dont jodge

my code is 9700

yo grassy do you mind making another map pls me and my guys are a litte bit bored of the same maps thank you

Of course! I've been a little backlogged working on the new version because I am starting all over from scratch to make some big changes to this game. School and work has gotten in the way, but there will be plenty of new maps (and gamemodes!)!!

i saw an update that came out 11 days ago what got updated?

that was an automatic update that rolled out which tagged every game with the number of players able to play in a session

ohh ok gotchu lol

Did a video on this very well done but a little too hard when solo

this is my favorite game.

Thanks! I've been working on a new version of the game that will hopefully be out soon! ^.^

Nice to know. Hope to play it as soon as possible with some friends of mine :D

This is one of my favorite games aside from Fortnite, me and some buddies play this in our free time and we LOVE it. It's not easy, which makes it a lot more fun. I cannot wait for more amazing updates for this amazing game to come. Keep up the great work, PULEEAZE don't scrap or give up on the game, and keep being an amazing dev. We will always be supportive of your game, man. Have a good one!

also maybe add a spectate slender option?

Yeah, I had considered this idea at the very start, but wasn't sure how to deal with other players constantly informing their teammates where slender is. If a work-around comes up, I'd consider it again!

Alright, nice!

Hey, thanks! It's great to hear that you are enjoying the game, and I will definitely be pushing for a new update sometime soon!


Also, one thing I was thinking was maybe being able to change skins in the lobby if that's possible.

I just want to say this might be in the top 5 games I've ever played. It is such a fun game for being a one-person dev team. I love the mechanics, the hidden features, and just everything about this game. It is the PERFECT game to play together if you are bored. I can't think of an online free game I like better. It isn't a game that is easy, which is one of the MANY reasons I love it. It is a challenge and such a fun time. If a MiniMap was added I think that would add a lot to the game. Thank you so much for actually listening to what fans have to say and making sure people have fun. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!!


Wow! I really appreciate your feedback! I will definitely be adding a minimap of sorts to each map, as well as some cool new features. You can see some new things I have made already in my discord server, and I would like to say that your feedback is what keeps me making games like these! Thanks again :)

No problem!! Definitely going to be joining that Discord server!! 

I really love this game, will you make the jumpscare a bit more scary, add survivor bots, and maybe a hint of where the pages show up every once in a while?


Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely thinking of redoing the jumpscare haha, but most likely won't be able to add survivor bots... :< I will be adding an in-game map though, and it will let you see explored parts of the map, as well as which pages have been collected already and maybe even dead players... :) Thanks again!

no sweat, keep up the work

Hey, great game it's incredibly well developed. Waffleboy too obviously sees a lot of potential lol. I myself have a few suggestions/requests, the game would definitely be scarier in first person, but the authenticity of the birds eye is just as nice so first person is really just an if you have nothing to do thing. If you dont mind it I also thought more puzzles or easter eggs would be cool, or like a house map that has lore in photos,and the other cliche etc. And my last idea as of now would be a weapon hidden in the map as a one time use.

ONE UNFAIR THING I NOTICEd was that the light goes through the walls and the flashlight is easily exploitable. So you know how you die if you use the flashlight too close on slenderman or something like that? Well if you go behind the walls and shine him from there nothing happens and slender is still stunned. Also this makes the flashlight exploitable because slenderman doesnt get relocated until the flashlight is finally away from him, which is what I imagine the die from flashlight was supposed to prevent, so since the person doesnt die and slender is stuck until the person runs out of battery or looks away  the person with the light can just hold him there while everyone else goes and looks for the notes. I do not know if this was intentional but I just wanted to point it out just in case. Other than that great game!

Hey Chopst, thanks for the feedback! I have plenty more easter eggs planned with the new version coming out! I did notice the bug you pointed out related to the flashlight going through the walls still being able to stop slender, and this should be fixed in the future version. I'm currently rebuilding the entire game from the ground up again in order to use a better engine and add more features to the game. Thanks again!

Looking forward to it! Good luck!

how about in-match names so you know who is who


hey grassboii, i had an idea.

how about game modifiers for private servers?

for example, one that makes survivors go super fast, or one that makes the slender have unlimited teleports (for players only)

i hope you see this

cheers, Robbie


had another idea, 

one that makes flashlight battery last longer (or infinite)

another one,

one that spawns the players on different places on the map?

also one that makes every player look like slenderman


yeah ill probably do this

realy? thanks

day 1 of asking for text chat in lobbies


I post my game on 2 different sites, and one of them doesn't allow any form of public chat. If I were to add text chat it would only be for the version of the game, which would just be more annoying to manage and keep track of. Still possible, and I still might consider doing it for itch. Many have asked for public chat, and believe me, I want it too lol

can you add a slenderman difficulty below easy?

because im bad

lmao sure, it will come out in the 2.0 update. You can see the progress towards the next update on my discord server btw

ok but i dont have discord and i cant get it

could you make ai players please?


can you make bot players?

btw i love this game and i play with my friends all the time


Hey thanks for the feedback! Bot players are going to be very difficult to implement, so most likely not for the foreseeable future :P

thanks man

so epicccccccccccc

hard to play since nobody online :(


Calling friends is way easier to play this game instead of waiting someone

I enjoy this game a lot, especially with my friends because we always find ways to make new gamemodes like hide & seek! I really like this game and some feedback could maybe have the flashlight mechanic work around your whole body instead of working when your facing a certain direction

Nice! I've already planned a feature exactly like this for the new version of the game! I'll add hide & seek as a gamemode you can play! (eventually TM)
Thanks for the feedback! :)

hey grass, this is one of my favorite games atm. Great job!

Thanks! There is a big overhaul update coming out sometime in the summer hopefully, I'm rebuilding the game from scratch!


(1 edit)

Hey for the code, I will admit, it is really tough but keep searching! It's worth it in the end! 

And yes it is somewhere in the basement like GrassBoii said, happy hunting ;)

this game keeps growing
wish goodluck

(1 edit)

someone had a chat saying "nice usernames" and "im inside your walls" it was funny not going to lie

it definitely wasn't me... :>

We cant find anything in the basement for the code

Question, is it just me or did anyone else notice the numbers for a code spread around the high school map? I thought it was for something since it changes every game but so far I haven't found anything it goes to.

Interesting... Rumor has it that it is used somewhere in the basement. Good luck! :)

ngl, I've played this game every which way, as both Slender and a survivor. Single, multiplayer, and local and still cant find it

(2 edits) (+1)

So I was playing a public game as slender and there was only one survivor left, but then someone left and it said that I had won when there was still someone alive. Is there any way to fix this? I felt kinda bad for the survivors :(

Also, I would LOVE it if there was a tutorial or something where you could practice revives from both maps, or being slender with an AI that looks around systematically, or just a general guide to survival. In this little practice place, you could have elements from both maps and you could make lots of secrets that they can find, gotta love those secrets ;) 

Anyway, just some ideas but 10/10, love this game. Plz fix that thing above, would hate for someone's game to get screwed over because of that.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I am aware of this bug, and have been trying to fix it but haven't had much time to work on this game lately due to college. The bug happens when an outside spectator leaves the game, it actually thinks that an actual survivor died, which means that the game could think there are 0 survivors left, even though there are still people alive. I don't think it happens every time, but there must be some certain condition that thinks a real player left, rather than a spectator. I'll definitely have more time to work on this over the summer, and hopefully I'll bring a big update along with it! :) Thanks again <3

Of course! Thanks so much and I totally understand the time problem. I'm so excited for the next update! Also, do you have a map of Slender High by chance? If not I totally understand, keep making this game awesome!

Thanks! Yes, I do have a map of the Highschool map, it is pinned in the general chat of my discord, which is linked somewhere on this game's page :P

Thank you so much!

I wish yall had more maps and skins maybe a story mode?

Thanks for the feedback! I've already sketched out the design of a new map, but haven't had time to actually make it due to college. Maps take a long time to make and the whole process takes around 6 months on and off with school and free time. I also do plan on adding many more skins, I've updated the skin system which makes adding new skins a bit easier and more automatic, so there should be many new skins with every game update! I had thought about adding different game modes / minigames, but had not yet thought about story mode! It sounds like an interesting idea, especially with the multiplayer aspect. Thanks! :)



is the flashlight directions supposed to be like that? It keeps switching as I walk and doesnt always point in the direction im facing


the flashlight points towards the mouse, but also cannot be shined behind the player which is why it snaps sometimes when you turn. I've been trying to think of ways to make it cleaner but haven't had any good ideas yet

can you make more slender browser pixel art online games it would be cool

Yeah, I was thinking of adding different game modes or minigames to the main game so that everything would be in one place

It's a great game, I like the gameplay, you don't see many games like this, I do have one request but it's minor I was hoping you could put a chat in the game like for example you could press "T" to open chat or any other key. But that should be all thanks for making such a fun game!!!


Thanks for the feedback! I've always been meaning to make an open chat, but it has been a little rocky when posting to other sites. They don't allow open / unmoderated chats probably for a good reason, and I had assumed itch was the same. The only good use a chat would have would be for the public servers to talk to the other players, and I would have to make two separate versions of the game to post on itch vs the other sites. Unfortunately, I don't think a chat will be coming into the game anytime soon unless some rules change.

Bro someone keeps banning me in public queue, why don't they add a private server?

lol, I have a system in place that auto bans the public queue host if they kick too many players. It is set to around 10, but I'll probably lower it for the next version. sorry about that, that sounds pretty annoying :p xD

Yeah I kept choosing a different name so they wouldn't kick me, but he just keeps kicking me he's not even kicking the other players.

add a free chat

and cpu humans that you can

1. Play along with in singleplayer

2. Play against as you in single player slenderman

3. add to your public lobbies

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