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Nice update >:)

Thanks! It was in the works for a whole year :D

Great game, very pog

Hey i with friends want to play and i am loading and i am crashing from server, how can i fix it

Hey, sadly this is an annoying bug with the multiplayer system since it is peer to peer which means some computers don't allow others to access their computer directly, so I have to set up other external servers to fallback to when this happens. I have a link to a beta version of the game where I added a bunch more fallback servers which should hopefully fix most of the cases where it crashes:


the game is awesome
please add more map


Hey, thanks for the feedback. I am currently working on making a new map, and it is just about finished, you can see some sneak peeks on my discord server linked somewhere on this page :P

ok thanks
i hope that u will improve your creations and u'll become one of famous game creators   :->

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Why do we need to drag bodies?

You drag bodies to locations where they can be revived. It's kind of a secret mechanic so you have to explore and find out where they get revived :o


can u make it so you can download a single player mode

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can add items and infinit teleport plz

survivor ai when?

Ooh, not a bad idea. It's going to be real tough to implement that but yeah that would be interesting to play against


i didn't actually expected for you to answer but pls not only make that you play as slender and kill survivor CPUs but also make that you play as survivor with different survivor CPUs against a slender CPU, keep up the work man! (sorry bad english)

did you used photon?

No, I used Construct's built in Multiplayer feature.

multiplayer dose not work

Are you using a chromebook or on school wifi? Those things tend to make the multiplayer not work. Sometimes the multiplayer can't connect when there are players using firewalls which can prevent players from fully connecting

ok thanks

please add hats and more character items pleaseee

Ha yeah, it is definitely planned for the future, but some bigger things need to get done before that!

lookin' forward to it!

hey m8 you should make a ingame chat, so we could communicate better (if there is an ingame chat, i'm sorry for putting this here. I probably just didn't see it) 

Not sure if we are allowed to post this here, but the three of us have been playing for 3 hours straight to come up with this map, it was amazing clutch to get to the end, thanks for the game!!! :)

Looks great! On my discord you can find a crude map that I made from zooming out of the entire map so it should be very accurate. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to play and make this!
I like how you marked the spots of some of the easter eggs xD

damn we thought there wasn't a map available haha, we have been looking for one but couldn't find it. But to be honest it was really fun to do like 15 playthroughs on nightmare mode figuring out where all the paths lead and try to map it on our own! If you want I could send you the png without our walking paths if you want to post it somewhere! The easter eggs were actually pretty handy to spot if you were on the right track when you decided to walk through the forest :D

where is link to your slender discord server?


There is a green link under the 'Development' and also the 'Help/Faq' tabs right under where you play the game

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damn,I can't open link

bro please tell me where can I revive my friend's body? I tryed almost everything

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very good! what is the game motor

The game is made using Construct 2

merci pour la réponse 


I want to report that the public matches do not work very well and must be fixed for web browser version. From my point of view people are not able to fully connect with public lobbies and get kicked out due to being timed out.


Thanks for the feedback, I find that some people are having problems with the multiplayer, and how players never fully connect to their lobby. I've experienced this myself too. I'm not too sure how to fix it or what is causing it, but my best guess is that your computer's internal firewall or some firewall for your internet is blocking the players peer to peer connection since that is what the multiplayer uses. Basically every online game you can think of uses pre hosted servers, however there was no way for me to implement this. Peer to peer means that you are directly connecting to the other users computer and sometimes their pc (or yours) blocks their connection. The reason you see them join is because you are receiving the updated player count, but none of their other packets are coming through. I really have no idea how to fix this for the long term other than to pay for hosting, but if you have another person host hopefully you will find someone without the protection. Roughly 10-20% of computers block the p2p connections. Thanks again.

Your very much welcome. Thank you for that very confusing explanation. I have no idea if the firewall is doing whatever you said it was doing.

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game works well, good customizability, but the selected map thing doesnt do anything. the online doesnt have loads of ping, also, this game would also go great on mobile.
edit: oh there are mobile controlls which work great but can we get an apk or smth

Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on adding the second map, which is why there is the selected map thing because I thought I could get it done much earlier than was reasonable. Sadly, the only way to do mobile is with this website, and posting this to the play store would be quite expensive and is not my top priority.

ah thats fine, but i meant an apk file to, anyway, thanks for the clarification with the maps


this is potentially the best game ive found in 2022 so far, played with a friend and even though the servers were empty we had a pretty good time jumpscaring each other

a few suggestions:

1. if you have the mine craft torch as your flashlight could have it make block place and break sounds when you toggle it i think that would be funny

2. a little exit button for the emote menus so i dont have to press the menu button every time, unless theres already one i missed if thats the case nvm nvm nvm

3. my friend wanted a black and white striped shirt

also when youre facing forward the hair on one of the frames doesnt exactly line up with the head so theres a little one pixel line of head color on that frame, no big deal just something i noticed while in the character customizer

ill leave it off here 5/5 stars GOTY thank you for sharing this


Wow! Thank you so much that really means the world to me to hear that! I like the idea for #1, and I will probably do that in the upcoming update (whenever that comes out). For #2, pressing Space or Esc or Tab and the like will exit the emote menu. I didn't show that anywhere, but I guess now you know :P. For #3 I definitely plan on adding many more skins, and I'll gladly add that skin and many more as well. For the last part, I have definitely noticed that weird strip of pixels when facing certain directions, and I can't find what is causing it since all the player's images are all snapped to the same coordinates and I made sure they are. It would have to be some sort of pixel rounding issue and I'll also try to get that fixed for the next update. Thank you for your feedback, people like you motivate me to keep working on updates for this game! <3

slightly buggy the character controller. But interesting concept!

Are you using the mobile controls or computer controls? If you are talking about the flashlight for computer, it follows your mouse and won't let you shine it behind your character.

it wont let me move

If you are still having this problem, I'd like to know if you are using mobile or computer, and if computer then are you using a Chromebook?

i am using chromebook and it works fine


Your gonna need to fix this when you make the next update cause now whenever i change my skin and put my username but right when click on either create, join and public quenue my skin changes and right when i exit it deletes my username i put and changes my skin again so your gonna fix that for your next update.

What browser are you using to play the game? (Like chrome or firefox etc...) It might be a problem with the game saving those values to your local storage since it might be failing to save your player information to a location. Chrome works fine and I just haven't tested it out on anything else. Let me know! :)

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I am playing on chrome with a chromebook but earlier before the update in December 6 i didn't have that problem till the December 6 update came

Just found out that today is not dealing with that problem anymore i think that day where i experience that problem was most likely some technical difficulties sorry about that

No worries, and thank you for keeping me updated!

your welcome

now I can actually play the game, it's really good sugestions: adding proxies

no that we make the game way to hard

Love this game so much. The updates have been great and my friends play this almost all the time. 10/10

Thank you! It means so much to know that you guys are enjoying it!

can u make em faster?

Yeah, I'm planning on re-balancing both Survivors and Slenderman's stats in the next update, as well as add some different maps to make it more balanced for smaller groups.

This is GREAT but don't have so many people to play in multiplayer...

Thank you! I've gotten in a few packed lobbies before, but I'd say it is better to go in with a couple of friends!

Yes it is

beatfull game